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  1. Activities

There are many activities schools can do to keep the social change moving. The following are a few suggestions we have received from youth:

  1. Teen leaders and Teachers welcome other students into the school one morning a month (can be done in conjunction with a Hershey Hug or a sucker, etc.).

  2. As part of Health/Calm or Language Arts program have students meet and get to know 1 new person per week and write a paragraph or 2 about this person.

  3. STAR program (Pay-It-Forward) – when you see someone doing a good deed, nominate them. Draw one or two names each week and give that person a gift OR maybe 2 gifts; one for them and one to pass along to someone else, perhaps the person that nominated them.

  4. Have students go out into the community and read to younger students or senior citizens.

  5. Have a clean-up your school or community day.

  6. Buddy system – have older students pair up with young students – read to them, walk them to/from school/classrooms.

  7. Coach Others at sports so they will be better players.

  8. Encouraging words jar – keep adding new ones.

  9. Groups – invite other “groups” to join and have lunch – include everyone.

  10. LISTEN to others.