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Get Real – Keep it Real is a day-long program for grade 7-12 students, teachers, administrators, counselors, parents, and members of the community.  The program addresses the issues of violence, racism, teasing, stereotyping, bullying, alienation and isolation within the context of a teenager’s life.  Participating in Get Real – Keep it Real is an opportunity for students to share their experiences and ideas and accept the possibility of how things can be different in their school and community.  The day’s varied activities provide an opportunity for participants to be honest and insightful and to experience what’s possible, encouraging them to rise up as community leaders and role models.  Get Real – Keep it Real aspires to develop stronger communities, as youths and adults leave the day inspired to make a personal change.

Research into brain-based learning suggests students learn best when presented with multi-tasking, challenging experiences, including varied tasks, stimulating environments, and physical activities which combine to create ownership of what is being presented.  As well, to fully stimulate the brain’s learning capacity, facilitators must encourage emotional engagement, coupled with a combination of active and passive exercises that provide time for both interaction with others and quiet time for personal reflection.

Using a series of highly-interactive, energetic and powerful icebreakers, games, activities, group discussions, and trust-building exercises, participants learn to create new levels of respect and communication within their communities.  Get Real – Keep it Real also teaches basic communication skills using “I messages”, to provide youths with tools they need to communicate information and feelings in a non-confrontational manner.  Get Real focuses on what each of us can do to create the communities of our dreams.

Some Get Real schools make a morning announcement of what the “Get Real” activity of the day is, which can include such things as high-five day, sit with someone you’ve never sat with before, say “good morning” t
o everyone you see in the hallway.

Youth leave the day feeling empowered that they can make a difference, that they can create the school and communities of their dreams.

Although this program takes place during a single day, it is an experience that remains within the participants challenging them to find new innovative ways to keep it going within their communities. Participating in the program is an opportunity for students to create and build strong communities.

Ultimately, Get Real – Keep it Real program is about community.  We bring together corporate sponsors, social and legal agencies, community leaders and junior/high school populations to explore issues that must be explored, and address conditions which seriously impair school cultures and inhibit students from accepting their roles as citizens and community members.  Our program has evolved to reflect the needs of our schools.