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The Get Real Programs are brain based, motivational, educational and experiential programs that demonstrate
the power of acceptance and respect for others by promoting self-acceptance and self-respect.
 The programs help to ignite participants' passions and empowers them to take their positions as positive
leaders in their communities.
The Get Real Programs reduce bullying, teasing and violence in our schools and aims to reduce drug, alcohol and tobacco use amongst students. It provides participants with various tools to use in dealing with potential areas of conflict and breaks down the barriers to help people see each other for who they really are. It gives them permission to stand up
for what they know is right and
support those around them in their
times of need.


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The Get Real Programs demonstrate how everyone can be GREAT and make a difference in their communities by doing the little extra things like reading to someone, picking up a piece of garbage or holding open the door for someone Motivational Poster What would it take to build strong communities? This is the key message of the Get Real Programs. Get Real teaches basic communication skills using ā€œIā€ messages and feeling words Get Real Programs also talk about bullying and harassment. Participants are encouraged to look at who a person really is on the inside rather than the outside or the mere image of a person Through a carefully designed series of highly interactive, energetic and powerful games; activities, group discussions, icebreakers, and trust-building exercises participants learn how to create new levels of respect and communication within their communities. It provides an opportunity for participants to be honest, real, and insightful by experiencing what's possible so they can rise up as leaders and become their own role-models